ILO - Macedonia
Friday, 29 February 2008 00:00

The State Labor Inspectorate during the month of January 2008 had total of 2594 inspections in the field of working relations and in the field of safety and health at work. The inspectors for working relations had 1993 inspections of which 1574 regular, 263 controlling inspections and 156 upon written request. During these inspections 943 workers were found as unregistered and 213 decisions for work band were assigned (article 259) and upon these decisions 531 employee were registered.

The Labor inspectors in January assigned 132 decisions for violations of the Law and other requirements (Art. 258) and 6 decisions for delay of decision to enter into force (Art.262) and 21 decisions for synchronization of the working hours with the number of employees in trade (Art 52 for Trade Law). 283 requests for offensive procedure were submitted.

The State inspectors for safety and health at work in January had total of 701 inspection visits of which 577 regular and 124 controlling inspections. 183 decisions for eliminating flows in the area of safety and health at work were assigned and 8 working bands for working facilities or working tools in the working facilities.

Safety and health at work inspectors had 14 investigations for heavier work accidents (no collective or death cases). 7 requests for offensive procedure for violation of the Law for safety and health at work were submitted together with violation of the Law for Labor inspection.

The report is taken from the webpage of the Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs, February 26, 2008