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Tuesday, 01 September 2009 08:46

Construction workers suffer the most at the work place.

Construction worker from Skopje broke his leg the day before yesterday when he fall on a concrete floor from a four meters high scaffold. The accident happened around 10.30 am, in the concrete production plant of the company “Three Brothers”, which is located on the street Tome Pure in Skopje settlement Butel, where the 41 year old Zoran B. was welding a metal ring on the concrete machine-informs the police.

The worker was standing on a scaffold which was set on a forklift which in one moment turned over, and he fall down along with the scaffold on the concrete floor, and was heavily injured. The labour inspection was immediately informed about the accident, says the police which also informs us that the construction worker was immediately taken to the Skopje City Hospital, where he was treated and diagnosed with a fracture on the right fetlock and he was kept for further medical care – The police informed us about the accident, but we can’t do any field examination until the company owners report to us. The company has a 48 hours deadline from the moment of the accident to report it to the Labour Inspectorate, and if that is not done, the labour inspectors do the insight on their own. For the owners that won’t report the accident stricter sanctions will follow, says Zoran Apostolov the State Labour Inspectorate executive.

This is the fourth accident in only one week in which workers suffered on the work place. Last year 62 workers died in a work place accidents, and 116 where hurt – we are informed by the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association. According to the State Labour Inspectorate data 315 workers where hurt and 12 workers died in work place accidents. Four of the death cases happened in the construction, three in the manufacture and the rest in the agriculture hunting and forestry, mining and quarries.

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