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ILO - Macedonia
Monday, 24 August 2009 18:09

State Labor Inspectorate in the period from 13.7 to 27.7.2009, has conducted 1290 labor related and safety and health controls.

State Labor Inspectors commenced total 831 inspections from which 732 are regular inspections, 38 control inspection supervisions and 61 inspections according to the written complaints. During these inspections 94 unregistered workers where found. 22 decisions for breaking the law and other regulations (art.258) where issued, and 40 decisions for employer to stop his work (art.259), from which 29 decisions for employers to stop working for 30 days, and 11 decisions (number 2, from article 259) to stop working until removing the irregularities.

43 requests for initialization of violation procedures are submitted.

State Occupational Safety and Health Inspectors in the period from 13.7 to 27.7.2009, conducted total 459 inspections, from which 380 are regular inspections and 79 control inspection supervisions. During these inspections 124 decisions for removal of identified irregularities in the area of safety and health at work. Seven decisions for employer to stop his work because of unsafe equipment are issued. 22 insights for heavy injuries at work where carried out and one insight for death accident in Ilinden barracks while regular maintenance of the heating system.

19 request for initialization of violation procedures according to the Occupational Safety and Health Law and Labor Inspection Law.

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