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Thursday, 21 August 2008 00:00

Construction workers work with high risk, said yesterday Pavle Trendafilov president of the union for construction and projections, one year after the law for health and safety at work has been in power. He assumes that health and safety issues don’t change for the better, and they stay on the minimum level even through construction workers work with the high level of risk involved , broadcasted MIA. According to the syndicate from 7300 registered companies, just 10 of them work legally. Others are more or less speculative without mechanization, capital, even without employed constriction workers. In the construction business 37.100 people work from which 14.549 are working legally. Others 22.564 work on the black market, say SGIP. Other then death cases often there are cases of injures with disabilities or other consequences that stop them from any physical work in the future. According to the syndicate only fifty from 7.300 companies in the business have authorized representative for health and safety, compulsory with the new health and safety law. Those are the companies which have unions, and collective agreements.

Almost 80 percent of the companies in the business don’t comply with the new law for health and safety, because part of the law is absurd and the companies use that in their advantage. Employers don’t let the employees to form union said Trendafilov. The companies with health and safety representative have smaller number of accidents and injuries. In the companies who work on the black market you can’t even discuss the issues, that’s the real picture on the ground says the union. Trendafilov say that the biggest manipulation of the law is the part that says that union representative is elected on assembly of the majority of the union members or the assembly of the working people. On the assembly of the working people the owner picks his own man who has no legitimacy, and closes his eyes before the real situation. If the lawmaker said that the union representative has the right to special training due to collective contract, we ask where is this in practice, when 80 percent of the companies don’t have union, and the collective contract is imaginary thing - said Trendafilov.

Article is taken from Dnevnik 21.08.2008




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