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Friday, 14 September 2007 00:00

The bears are more protected then the employees in Macedonia.

Most of the complaints were about violation of their union rights, for not receiving the monthly wages, not paying the pension insurance, the allowance for food and travel to and from work, and for overtime work.

(There were 10.728 employees that asked for legal help from the Union for 6 months this year, and last year there were only 6.626 employees whole year)

According to the Labour Union of Macedonia, the neglection of the employees rights is rising from the beginning of the year, and the economic measures undertaken by the government are unilateral, not balanced and favoring the employers. This statement is backed up with the analysis of the complaints from the employees that requested protection of their rights, made by the Union for the first 6 months of the year. Compared to the last year the complaints are increased for 60%.

- 10.728 employees asked for protection of their rights in the 34 regional organizations of the Labour Union of R. Macedonia in the period between january and june 2007. Last year there were only 6.626. So far 85% of the complaints this year received positive reply-Dragi Jovanovski, Head of the Department of legal protection in the Union

According to the Union, The ministry of Labour and Social policy is to blame for the current situation, as well as the labour inspectors.

- The fact that 80.000 employees from 62.000 companies didn't excercize their right for holiday is an argument more for my statement. That means that the employers profited from this 24 mil.eur -
said Jovanovski.

According to him, if the inspectors deal with the overtime work, it will eventually result in opening new jobs.

- The employees don't get paid for the overtime work for over than 40 hours a month. That means that they work for two people. That would mean 19.000 new jobs a year. - said Jovanovski .

According to the Union, the government has undertaken economic measurements and activities, but none of them really had influence on the improvement of the protection of employees rights. The Union blames the government because it doesn't undertakes measurements for respecting the collective contracts and because it doesn't encourage the social partnership. The Union considers it is most important that the government should engage itself to establishing social dialog and establishing the minimal wages.

The Union considers that the measurements that the government is undertaking are discriminatory to the industry and trade compared to administration. As an example Jovanovski points out the latest decision of the government to raise the salary of the employees in the public administration.

The Legal department's analysis showed that most of the complaints are about violation their union rights, for not receiving the monthly wages, not paying the pension insurance, the allowance for food and travel to and from work, and for overtime work. The complaints are mostly from employees from the production industry, energy and mining industry, traffic, construction, administration of justice, defense and health.

Marjan Blazevski




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